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Tips Making Weakness Program

In fact to avoid the breakthrough software that we may be quite difficult to make, yes, but here we strive to protect our semampu results of the paper itself is one.

Itung-itung effort we make in the cracker in membongkarnya he .. he ..

Among the colleagues who may still have what I have not
avoid or minimize weaknesses that made the program,
not so easy to crack by other people.

In fact, to avoid may be slightly difficult, but we do try
semampu protect our own what works one. Itung-itung
efforts we make in the cracker in membongkarnya he .. he ..

Oke aja directly to our main discussion, we Kalo liat some local programmers in making the program often compare the situation
a process with an object or a caption.

As an example that I often find spt this:

If cmdSave.Enabled = False Then
End IF


If cmdSave.Caption = "OK" Then
End IF


If cmdSave.Visible = True Then
End IF

Should avoid such a process, why should be avoided?
he ... he .. surely you can right now many tools that can be
Property modify the object during a Run-Time, such as the
return the object to disable, change a caption, to activate the menubar
dll that is not active ...

We recommend using a variable for a condition for the benchmark,
so that in the more difficult to crack. (This program does not mean we
can not dicrack, but make it as a step only)

For programs that are associated with the database, do not forget to include the function pemblokan a special character. ('),--, Such as quotation marks or a semicolon (;) depends on a database that is used.
This is intended to avoid the breach to the application or to a system using the techniques SQLInjection.

Although this technique may have been spelled out and the ancient classics, but that spt is often found in some program that is so.

While the program for use Winsock component, such as, should the data / packet must be sent in enskripsi first. To be protected from piracy or data packets that dibajak by the snifer. usually use the program packet sniffer to view.

Then use the initial connection, or in other words use a password to connect to the program that we create. So that other people can try to enter our disconnect automatically.

To compile a project, the stages become executable file, do not select the type of P-Code, as akan dicrack with easy to use program WKTVBDE (WKTVBDebugger) made Mr. Mr & Silver. Snow.
(To learn this, please get your information in the

Try to compile the executable in the form of a Native-Code, hua .. but h. ..
too compile with this type can also still in use crack SmartCheck made NuMega. but do not worry more
difficult than Native-Code P-Code @! img1 @

The next step to protect the program you use programs
Compressor executable Detection and BreakPoint.
This is done to avoid permanent changes in the resource and
check the program debugger is active in memory, usually
debugger program that is widely used SoftICe.

In fact many programs that commercial Compressor such as:

- 32LITE v0.02d
- Six-Two-Four
- AinExe v2.23
- APack v0.99b
- APLib v0.20b
- AVPack v1.22
- Ax v2.2
- CauseWay Compressor
- Diet v1.45f
- EPACK 1.6
- LGLZ v1.04b
- LzExe v0.91
- Megalite v1.20a +
- PACK v2.01
- PKLite v2.01
- PK-Smart v1.0b
- PMODE / W v1.33
- Pro-Pack v2.19
- RJCRUSH 1:10
- RUCC/386 v1.01
- SYSPACK v0.1 1
- T-PACK v0.5
- Etc. ...

(to get the above software can be searched using google or the site can

you can use one of them. But I suggest that the search does not
popular or what you can create your own @! img16 @. Usually programs like Compressor popular programs have to return it
back to the original form of its executable, or in other words can be Decompress again.

In fact there have also use Compressor program, this can reduce the size of executable files and can change the structure of the exe which there plaintext characters to be strange:)

Such protection is more effective than lumayan no protection at all. And will make the new cracker, but how this will be easier in perforated by the old cracker.

Ok, I just think he is ... ... .. he may be among colleagues
I like, even laughing can view this article.
hik ... hik .. Yes it is fair, the articles I write for the set aside that have not been a newbie at all ... .. ops, I also still looking for and much to learn, .. so we end the course of writing this article ok bro?

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