Selasa, 21 Juli 2009

Data Report

Data Report is a facilities program (module) that is included in the
applications Visual Basic (VB6) to make a report, in which
source data comes from the Data Environment Designer (DED).
While the Data Environment is an object of men -
specify the relationship to the data source (database) and men -
dekripsikan statements (criteria) of the data / records that you want to in -
Indeed, the application program, Data Report is rarely used,
more general applications use Crystal Reports program. This
the specification (statements), which declared the DED
can not be modified through the program code so that the information
Data that is displayed through the Report seem rigid (not flexible),
not so many benefits.
Although the benefits of the Data Report is very minimal, no one
Data Report to learn as a way of
show the data / reports in a supplied preformatted form.
To the authors will guide you to see how the record
AlbumList shown from the table. Proceed with the case reports
transactions as sales illustration to show like -
which records from multiple tables together in a report.

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